2. How to tour Tsukiji

How to tour Tsukiji

Let’s understand the significance of Tsukiji as a wholesale market for professionals,
which is what it should be, and think about what we can do to make Tsukiji a pleasant place for all
(including workers, buyers, tourists, and local residents)
so that Tsukiji will be a place everyone can be proud of.

Eight tips on manners at Tsukiji

to fully enjoy the Tsukiji Outer Market

  1. Professional buyers take priority in the morning!

    Priority should be given to professional buyers until 9:00 a.m. If you see people going around the market and purchasing goods, try not to get in their way.

  2. Stay inside the eatery or in front of the store when eating!

    Wandering around while eating can bother passerby. Please eat inside the eatery or in a space designated for eating.

  3. Leave your luggage behind!

    Large bags can obstruct the flow of people—please store them in a coin-operated locker when exploring the market. Strollers can be stored at the Puratto Tsukiji information center for temporary safekeeping (500 yen per stroller).

  4. Move in small numbers!

    The Tsukiji Outer Market has narrow streets and small shops. Please refrain from moving around in large groups. Hold your child’s hand when walking.

  5. Ask before taking pictures!

    Ask the shopkeeper for permission before taking photos of a shop. Some shops have signs that prohibit photography.

  6. Don’t touch the foods!

    The foods in the market are valuable products for sale. Touching them or poking them with your fingers will lower their commercial value. Please do not touch these products with your hands, especially raw foods. If you need to check something, ask the shopkeeper.

  7. Don’t try to bargain!

    Carefully-selected products are sold at wholesale prices. Bargaining over the price is not customary at Tsukiji.

  8. Smoke only in designated areas!

    Smoking is permitted only in designated areas. Do not smoke while walking around or litter cigarette butts.

Requests for tour guides

We ask for your cooperation in ensuring that all visitors to Tsukiji can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Three points to be mindful of
Conducting a tour inside a store without prior permission or blocking the entrance to a store is disturbing to others.
Stores provide food samples free of charge under the assumption that customers are actually considering purchasing the products.
Conducting a tour without paying attention to what is happening around you will lead to accidents.

Please consult with the Tsukiji Outer Market Information Center “Puratto Tsukiji” if you will be conducting a guided tour for the first time.